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grammar as a tool not a burden

Seeing the need for a grammar curriculum that ties directly to writing and not simply trivia to impress Grandma at holidays, my friends and colleagues Diana Thomas, Ruth Ann Frederick, and I teamed up to write these texts that keep the focus on key grammatical and mechanical concepts necessary to write well.

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most recent revision: 2019

Precepts introduces parts of speech, phrases, clauses, sentence parts, and essential elements in sentence patterns, but it does not demand mastery before moving on to the Core level.

most recent revision: 2019

Grammar the Write Way: Core introduces students to the understanding and application of the basics of English grammar with the intentional purpose of building their skills as writers and effective wielders of words, phrases, clauses, and ideas.

most recent revision: 2021

Grammar the Write Way: Application builds upon the foundational principles of Grammar the Write Way: Core to emphasize grammar's impact on writing well, equipping students to integrate these skills in their own compositions.

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