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Working Outside the Classroom Setting

Learn to Read


Have you ever wondered if your children are progressing appropriately in reading comprehension, grammar, and writing? Do you ever wish that you could share some samples of writing and see where your students lie in the continuum of grade level or readiness?

As an experienced English teacher for two+ decades and a homeschool mom, I have a unique perspective on what “normal” looks like or what defines “appropriate progress.”

Here’s a hint: “Normal” is just a setting on the dryer.  

While I’m certain you, Mom, are doing a great job, I’m also available to meet with you for a one-on-one session to review your child’s work in grammar and/ or writing and give you some perspective based on what I’ve seen over the course of teaching hundreds of students. We can talk curriculum and practical tips for teaching or offering constructive feedback to your student without battling over those corrections.  

Cost: $50/ 90 min session


Looking to fill in some gaps left from the school year or to strengthen some known weaknesses before diving into the next academic cycle?

Over the summer, I have a limited number of 1-hour tutoring spots available for grammar, writing, or a combination of both.

We’ll meet at my home or a central location and work together for one hour. Students will leave with short, doable assignments for the coming week. At home work should be 1 hour/ week at the most since it is the summer and everyone needs a break!

Package: 10 sessions; cost $500

Book Stack


Gather a small group of friends and let’s talk about the language arts. I have lots of experience writing curriculum and teaching reading, writing, and grammar and am happy to share what I’ve learned. We can discuss topics like:

  • The role of grammar in writing.

  • How to effectively give feedback on writing.

  • Appropriate expectations for elementary, middle, and high school writing.

  • Moving beyond comprehension and into critical thinking.

  • What works. Let’s talk through a Q and A of what you might be wondering about when teaching the language arts.

  • Other: When homeschooling is hard. What do I do when what I thought it would be like isn’t reality?

Other ideas? Let’s talk about them.

Cost: $150/ 2-hour session

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